My First Camera

Sept. 19, 2021

Kodak Brownie Junior

The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness
~Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yes, and it created amazingly wonderful images, especially Black & White. You had two ground glass little windows where you composed your image. You could go landscape or portrait view. You had to wind each frame by hand and you could only take 12 images per roll. From there, if you were adventurous you could go to a dark space, like a closet and wind your film into a developer tank and then develop you negative strip, which you than hung to dry. From there you could move on to printing. My first darkroom was my kitchen after dark, what fun, all night printing sessions, me having no clue at to weather my images were good or not…still I did it with passion.

Today, I still have the passion, all digital, equipment and software, it’s all still very exciting to me, because I am still “only a Witness.” But I am also a “participant,” I can take my image anywhere I want to, in camera and the digital darkroom, so infact, I am an artist! Hard to beat that, the Witness now is part of the process, although the Earth is still the master, and I the student. It’s a role I am very happy to be in, for this Earth is our mother and only home, to quote Lao Tsu: “The earth is like a vessel so sacred That at the mere approach of the profane It is marred.”


One thought on “My First Camera

  1. So well stated. I too feel like an artist when I’m enjoying my photography. It’s being a witness and expressing your vision as an artist. 🥰


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