I first fell in love with photography in the days of film.

Back then I developed my own film and did all my own silver gelatin printing in the darkroom. It was all very exciting and magical.

Eventually, I began to fall in love with color photography. Dealing with color labs was never fun and the results were often less than my vision, so when digital came along and I was given the power to have total control of my images from capture to print, wow! What a blessing.

I have a fine arts background, so I tend to think of my camera as my paintbrush and lean to the fine arts side of photography. I consider myself primarily a landscape photographer, but in truth, I will capture anything, and anyone that tugs on my heart strings.

While the technical aspects of photography are very important, what concerns me more is the results, however you get there. Does the image move me in some fundamental way that makes me want to explore it more deeply?

I create images of things, people, and places I love, that capture and speak to my heart, mind and spirit. Sharing them with others is important to me, for I am part of the human race and want to share the beauty and wonder I find all around me, from my doorstep to out in the big, wide world.

I love this earth and all these denizens who inhabit it. I want to capture and create images that illuminate the wonder it is to be alive, here, now, in the middle of dark space, on this astounding planet that by some miracle, just happens to exist at the precise time and place, as to allow this phenomenal flowering of life to take place. Anywhere on this globe that there is the slightest chance for some life form to exist, it does.

To me that is a wonder, from “wonder into wonder,” I travel.

This whole world is a jewel, precious beyond compare, and I am a witness to that beauty. If I am blessed enough to help in anyway to preserve it, I will feel privileged.

My wish is that you will find here, images that will enrich your life and environment. Images that were created to bring beauty and harmony, and sometimes humor, into your home or work space.

Please feel free to contact me with any special requests you may have and I will do my best to work within your needs and requirements.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will enjoy my heartfelt creations.

Visiit me at my website at: www.tomkostesphotography.com

Tom Kostes  (I am a Getty Images Artist)